Posing in front of Semboro steam locomotive no. 29, during the 2017 harvesting season.

We are Indonesian travel agent providing guided tour with fluent English speaking guide, who also have experience living in overseas countries such as Australia or Singapore.

We have been in the railway tour business since 2008. Our very first customer was a Dutch railfans named Joop Versluijs who traveled around Java for trainspotting around sugar mills, mainlines, and also to meet his parents-in-law. Our service at the time was quite spartan as our company has yet to be formed, and we had no reference about hotel contract rate nor did minibus rent service.

Our very first railway tour customer: Mr. Joop Versluijs. Seen in Jakarta Kota Railway station in 2008.

But thanks to his testimony and recommendation to his friends in Europe, over the years many of his friends also following him and some even came in separate groups.

The good news didn’t end in Netherlands. Eventually it made its way to England, and thanks to good relations between railfans around Europe we eventually receive customers from England too. And since British railfans also visited Australia and Malaysia, they also are carrying the good news abroad.

Since 2012 we have formed a tour and travel agent that cater this service. And now each year we receive multitude of tour groups from around the globe who has interest in traveling by train in Indonesia. Our customers get the finest service with the best value for money for each penny that they spend on our service.

Our service may not be the cheapest, but it is definitely not an “el-cheapo” service.

If you are looking for a railway tour service that can deliver a charming welcome greeting on airport, providing the best hotel, the most excellent bus and car service, the most scenic train journeys, and the most memorable railway tour, then look no further!

Just call us, and we will deliver the most excellent railway tour service with the best value for money for you!


Bagus Widyanto

(Operational manager).